Portfolio Advisory and Restructuring

Portfolio Advisory


Rule Based Value Investing to Generate Index beating Returns Consistently

We provide portfolio advisory based on extensive research- fundamental and technical. Our customised financial advisory model follows a simple yet systematic process.

Based on the risk profile and client needs, we will advice on the portfolio suitability from the following two options-

Stock Portfolio Advisory

Stock Portfolio Advisory

  • Will comprise of fundamentally sound companies which pass our stringent checklists.
  • Investors with 2 years+ time frame and capital of Rs 20 lac and above can avail of this service
  • Less churns

Index Portfolio Advisory

  • Investors who already have stock portfolio in any form PMS/Mutual Fund/Personally built and wish to have a direct exposure to the Nifty Index for incremental returns to his/her portfolio.
  • Primarily a Nifty index derivative product.
  • Even though it is a derivative product, we believe in minimum churns.
  • Our position in Nifty could be long/short based on market direction.
  • Only 3-4 Nifty trades a month.
  • Stay ahead of the Broader Markets.
  • Proprietary Techniques to identify low risk high returns opportunities
Index Portfolio Advisory

Portfolio Overhaul

Portfolio Overhaul

Our portfolio restructuring service with detailed explanation and reasoning

At times like these where an investor gets ‘free’ advice from all sides in form of tips or calls, it is common to see plethora of stocks in one’s portfolio. These stocks sometimes range from 20-50 and tracking them all is difficult. Once these ‘recommended’ stocks are in your portfolio, there is no proper follow-ups and they end up lying for years.

Our team of experts will restructure your existing portfolio and suggest suitable action (hold, accumulate, sell) on each of your holdings. We will review the sector, size and weight allocation of client’s existing portfolio and re-align them to suit the current market conditions. We will also provide fresh buying recommendations to generate better returns on your existing portfolio.